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The 13th-17th August 2018 saw the launch of J.D.T. Music Academy’s pilot SMASH-IT! project, a five day intensive drumming course culminating in a day of Rockschool Examinations at our studio in Dereham. Nine participants, studying Grades 1 to 5, attended 30 hours of intensive training with our Senior Tutors Janel Spalding and Aaron Houseago. The course covered everything the student’s needed to complete their chosen grade, including notation, technical exercises, sight-reading, ear tests and musicianship questions as well as studying and perfecting three performance pieces for the exam. The students worked incredibly hard throughout the week, putting in additional hours of study where necessary and supporting each other at every given opportunity. The Rockschool Exams took place on Saturday 18th August 2018 at the studio and the examiner was suitably impressed by the standard, ability and talent of the students. This was mirrored by a fantastic set of results which saw all nine students pass with Merit or above!

  • Neo Spalding – Drums Grade 5 – Distinction
  • Tim Corfield – Drums Grade 4 – Distinction
  • Harrison Hill – Drums Grade 4 – Merit
  • Jadon Sayer – Drums Grade 4 – Merit
  • Ilana Hetherington – Drums Grade 3 – Merit
  • Thomas Fuller – Drums Grade 2 – Distinction
  • Alfie Deleval – Drums Grade 2 – Merit
  • Finlay Jarvis – Drums Grade 1 – Distinction
  • Dakota Travis – Drums Grade 1 – Distinction

We have received some wonderful, positive feedback from some of the students and their parents and we’re incredibly grateful to Norfolk Music Hub for providing funding which was invaluable in providing us with the opportunity to purchase the equipment needed to run this course and subsequent projects. The course was so successful, that we have already booked three additional courses in 2019, including a new week for guitarists and bass players! Smash-It! Drums Grades 1-3 will take place 27th-31st May 2019, Smash-It! Guitar & Bass Grades 1-8 will take place 5th-9th August 2019 and Smash-It! Drums Grades 4-8 will take place 12th-16th August 2019. Each 5-day course will cost £195.00 per person, plus the exam fee. Bookings can be made via the studio on 01362 694817. Further info can be found on our website What’s On page.

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